How does Group Greets work?

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1. Choose the occasion

Whether celebrating a 37th birthday or 75th Wedding Anniversary, make any group greeting occasion even more special.

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2. Invite unlimited participants

Go ahead, invite as many others to contribute to the Group Greet, no matter where they might be in the world.

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3. Create and add

Your group adds videos, photos, audio and text from any of your devices. Use our unique OBJX Studio to create and add directly. Add as much as you like.

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4. Smart Self-assembly

Our patent pending platform does all of the work for you as it autonomously and automatically assembles everyone’s contributions.

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5. Play it your way

Group Greets plays like a movie but isn’t one-size-fits-all. Several playback mix options are created so you can choose just how you’d like to experience it.

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6. Deliver Joy All Around

From your recipient(s) to everyone who participates, warm fuzzies will abound. These are the most meaningful kind of pixels around!

Click and select a mix to experience

Group Greets Example Above

The Group Greets example above features a few wishes from a Birthday Group Greet created for John's sister's birthday. For this occasion, Group Greets added the balloons wallpaper for "birthday". The rest is up to you and invited group participants – the opening title wish and all photos, videos, audio, and text wishes.


Group Greets has all kinds of playback options. Click where it says "Click to Play" and a dropdown menu appears. Choose any of the various mixes. Experience your Group Greet however you like.

Automatic + manual modes

While Group Greets operates in automatic mode, there's also manual mode. Just double-click on any media type during playback. And presto – arrows appear for manually scrolling left or right through the wishes.

Click anytime

Pssst, did you know you can click to start a new playback mix from the menu at anytime? Go on, choose another to find the mix that suits you best.

Create a Group Greet today!

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