Come Together To Create A Special Kind of Group Greeting

It’s Easy … Automatic … and Totally Priceless

The Next Kind of Greeting That's Totally Alive!

Automatically assembles your group's videos, photos and more
into an intelligent, multi-interactive experience

For When You Can’t All Be There To Celebrate The Occasion

Create a virtual hug together!

Because every special occasion deserves something more
than a lifeless e-Card, paper greeting card or SMS text wish

Group Greets Explained

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Why Group Greets?

group greetings, group ecards, ecards

It's Easy

If you can record a video, snap a photo, record an audio, type text, and drag and drop, you can do Group Greets.
group greetings, group ecards, ecards

It's Inexpensive

It costs a lot less than hiring an expensive multimedia editor or each of you buying a paper greeting card. Many agree Group Greets is “priceless.”
group greetings, group ecards, ecards

It Removes Distances

Even if you all can’t be there for the special occasion, you can still be part of this virtual group creation.
group video greetings, we-cards, wecards

It’s Extraordinary

E-cards are ordinary. We-Cards are extraordinary! The group dynamic of Group Greets actually brings everyone closer together.

(It's a proven psychological fact!)

group greetings, group ecards, ecards

It’s a Big Group Hug!

Somebody you know could use a big, virtual Group Hug right about now!

Group Greets Is Powered By Your Group’s Videos, Photos and More!

We supply the software platform. You provide the content.

How Group Greets Works?

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1. Choose The Occasion

Whether celebrating a 37th birthday or 75th Wedding Anniversary, make any group greeting occasion even more special.

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2. Invite Unlimited Participants

Go ahead, invite as many others to participate, no matter where they might be in the world.

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3. Create and Add

Your group adds videos, photos, audio and text from any of their devices. Add as much as you like.

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4. Watch It Grow

Watch your Group Greet grow along the way. See who has and hasn’t contributed along the way.

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5. Deliver Joy All Around

From your recipient(s) to everyone who participates, warm fuzzies will abound. These are the most kind of meaningful pixels around!

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6. Receive a Permanent Keepsake

While our unique platform is what provides the special playbacks and pulls off of your group's objects together, your Group Greets order comes with a video rendering of the 4-Up playback.

Powered By A New Kind of Intelligent Digital Media Platform

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What Our Happy Customers Say …

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The Group Greet from so many friends was a highlight during my 100th birthday. A roomful of people enjoyed seeing pictures and hearing messages from family friends. Thank you Group Greets for making it possible.

MLB - Landrim, SC

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Watching my Group Greet made my whole day! To experience all the old memories really brought a smile to my face. I would definitely recommend this to others. Especially for people who are like me and have family who live far apart.”

Amanda N - Brooklyn Park, MN

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What better way to celebrate my mother's 100th birthday than to watch with friends and family from all over the country send their best wishes to her via Group Greets. It was so much more personal and fun than reading a note in a birthday card. Mom was thrilled to see and hear these people, one of whom she hadn't seen in 80 years!

Carol B - Bozeman, MT

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When I watched my birthday Group Greet from everyone, I was overwhelmed with excitement! I felt so loved and happy to hear from everyone on my special day. I also loved seeing everyone in their birthday greetings videos!

Ashley N - St. Louis Park, MN

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Thank you for the exceptional work that your company did on my mother-in-law's birthday Group Greet. It was a delight in working with a company that truly exemplifies what quality service is all about.

Sally B - Westport, MA

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This was truly a FANTASTIC gift that touched our whole family.

Doug L - Boise, ID

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I laughed. I cried. My birthday Group Greet felt really ALIVE!

JG - Peachtree City, GA

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Thank You. It Really Means A Lot.

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